Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Do you have a plan ready for this year's Hurricane Season? If you do not, take the time… today… to protect yourself and your family by preparing your emergency kit. Know where you want to go… and how you are going to get there!   WHAT ARE HURRICANES ANYWAY? Hurricanes are massive storm systems that [...]

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What if you could download and print a home in 24 hours for half the cost?

History has been punctuated with advances in technology and materials that provide an order-of-magnitude decrease in cost and time required to build a new home. And while recent decades have brought major advances in personal technology, construction practices remain relatively unchanged since the 1950s. ICON aims to change this, ushering in a new era [...]

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What’s an ‘Hybrid Move’? and are you ready to try it?

Just as Uber has disrupted the taxi business and Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry, HireAHelper is hoping to disrupt the moving business. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates about one in nine people change residences in a typical year. In most cases, that requires hiring a moving company to load all household items, drive them to the new [...]

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Insurance Claim Checklist

Whether or not you end up hiring a Public Adjuster, there are some best practices you can follow to help make the insurance claims process move as smoothly as possible. Immediately after you notice the damage, you should: Keep track of all communication between you and your insurance company. This means keeping notes on when [...]

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